Online Marketing – How Do I Get There From Here?

Online Marketing – How do I get there? You say, “I don’t know anything about marketing online.”  OK!  You are not alone there.  Name the 10 top moneymaking online marketers today! Neither did they, when they were getting started.  So you are in great company.  The top ten do not matter!  You are what matters!  What are you going to do to become a successful online marketer.  You are key to your success; it all starts and  ends with you!

Getting inside you online business

Today we will look at  7 things needed to be a successful internet marketer.  Some are free, others you will need to invest in to some degree.  Thankfully most are scaled so you can do them inexpensively to start and move up as your business grows. Looking at these 7 areas, remember TWO things.  One, if you are going to make money, you must put in some work.  Two, if you expect your business to grow, you will need to invest in it eventually.  Especially if you want to make big money!

The 7 Areas You Need To Address  In Your Online Business

  1. Personal Development
  2. Community
  3. Social Networks
  4. Tools
  5. Content
  6. Product
  7. Traffic

Personal Development

Why would I list personal development first in a list of things needed to create a successful online marketing business.  Do you say, I don’t need that; I am so well developed that everything I touch turns to gold!  If that is true, you can skip this one.  If you don’t have the Midas touch, you will need this.   If you are not where you want to be, now is not the time to stop growing.

There are so many ways to learn more about any subject you wish to master.  Many are free and I encourage you to take advantage of any free method you can find.  Some however; will cost you anywhere from 2 figures to 6 figures.  The key to remember here is it is an investment in you.  It is a prerequisite to making, keeping and investing money.  You decide how much you are worth and that will decide what your business is worth!!!

The first place I’d ask you to look is in books.  They range from free to $50 dollars.  They cover any subject you can wish for.  They can be kept as reference; while you build your knowledge base.  The problem I have in my home is that I have to keep adding bookcases.  Knowing yourself and making a commitment to improve every day is necessary for success.

The next place is online, the online community is mostly free and any subject you want is there.  You can read, watch video tutorials and research as deep as you want to go.  Many coaches, teachers and authors will provide online training for free and let you expand your knowledge of a subject, but to become expert, which should be your end goal; they often charge 5 or 6 figures to give you the best possible information.  Webinars also fall into this online category.

The third place and one of my favorites is the live event format.  They are important because you get to meet the author, coach  or trainer in person.  Even more important, you get to meet like minded individuals that could very well create a good business relationship down the road.  Go live when you can.  These can fall on the high end of the money curve though.  Thinking about that, I’ll leave you here with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”   Ignorance is not something you want in your business.


The next area to consider  is your Community.  Who will be your support group.  Right where you are is a good place to start.   This affiliate alliance is here to provide support and encouragement.  We want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  There is no cost for being here and we will try  to give you the information you need to be successful at online marketing.  As baby-boomers, we have seen our world change more than any other generation.  It is time we used these changes for our own future.    We will also talk about two other community types.  The first community we will talk about are the teaching, training type.

It is very important that you have a good community to help you along the way; as you grow your business.  The one that I use is Wealthy Affiliate.  They provide so much training that you can build a business online for free.  If you want a good business, they can help you with that too; using state of the art tools.   If you would like to check out this great community click here and learn free while you begin to set your business up .

The third type is based on a business model and can help drive your success by providing a large portion of your back end for you, helping you make sales long after you have put that client in front of them.  Two of my favorites are AWOL Academy and MOBE.  If you’d like to learn more about AWOL Academy, click here.   I will feature both of these  in more detail in later posts, so stay tuned!

Social Networks

To help you build your business, the social networks are very helpful in getting your word out.  One of the most effective marketing tools right now is Facebook.  It is easy to share with friends and acquaintances; as well as one of the most robust advertising platforms, that give top tier advertising agencies the cold shoulder.  Other social media platforms that can be effective to your business are YouTube,Twitter, Pintrist, Instagram, Google + and LinkedIn.  Depending on your  niche market, using multiples of these sites will help you get your word out.  Learn effective ways to use all of them.


To create a site you will need a myriad of tools ranging from a  domain, a platform to host the domain, tools to search for keywords to create content that search engines can find, and here my favorite is Jaaxy.  To try it for free check it out here.  You’ll also need lead pages to create leads and to send to sales pages, automated response systems to stay in touch with your list, and so much more.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you with a majority of what you need to get started.  You can purchase your domain, get it hosted on a site that provides secure systems including https for your site, SSL if needed for secure payments done on line and best of all you can start the hosting for free, even though you will want to go premium at some time.  To check out Jaaxy, a keyword research tool that is robust click here.  Jaaxy is being upgraded as we speak and will soon cost more.  If you are ready to upgrade go here, before the price increases, and  get Jaaxy on steroids.  Honestly, you can get up and running for free, but if you did step one effectively; you’ll be looking at how to best invest in your business.


What can content do for your online marketing business?  First of all, it can help you get found by search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing; along with other search engines.  This is free traffic to you in the sense that it doesn’t cost you any money.  Don’t be fooled though, it isn’t free; it will cost you time to build the content on your site.  Time is money, especially when you are making the 5 or 6 digit income streams.  At this point, or before even; it may pay you to hire out for content.  Remember  automating your system is the best way to leverage your time.  Remember also, it is your site and you are responsible for all content on your site. Building your content often will put you in a position to have more and more share  of search engine traffic.


It goes without saying that you need product to make money online.  You can blog till you are blue in the face, but if there isn’t a product, you will not make a penny.  If you have a physical product you can sell that online as easily as you do in a brick and mortar building.  Don’t have one?   Not a problem.   That is where the affiliate comes in the name of this site.  You can successfully market for other entities.  They will provide most of your copy and the tools you need to share their message; your job is to just get the traffic in front of them.   So you specifically, do not need to be a super salesman.   They already have a sales team; again your job is just to get more people in front of their message.  When you do and they purchase, you get a piece of the profit.  Not a bad deal!


Finally; that brings us to the traffic.  You might think traffic is the most important and should be at the top if the list.  Problem is; if you don’t have all the other things we talked about in place,  there will be nothing for the traffic to see and want.  Traffic is extremely important and there are two methods to get it.  We have already talked about content to get your free traffic.  The other way is to pay for the traffic and there are various ways and platforms for that.  One of the best ways we mentioned is Facebook.  Another great one is Google.  Your ads can be in the form of a video, a banner on your site, a link to their site or something called PPC or pay per click.  I do suggest in the early stages that you purchase some traffic to get some unique site visits on your site.    You don’t need a killer budget to start, but getting page views and click through  will increase your status in the search engines.  Whether it is free traffic, or paid for traffic, it will boost your site in rankings and help to establish you as an authority in your niche.

The Bottom Line

Building an online presence is highly possible!  It can be lucrative for you as well.  Remember to develop yourself to be bigger and better than you are today.  In the Army, during my 20 years; our motto was “Be All that You Can Be, in the Army.”   That applies to all of life in my opinion.    Next, become a part of a strong community to help you get over the learning curve as quickly as possible.  Utilize all the social networks to your advantage.  Research and get the best tools you can, to automate your system.  You do not want to have to be working all the time.  Remember Ron Poppeil, his famous line for his products was, “Set it and forget it.”  Build your content to establish your site and your authority.  Create your product or easier yet, become an affiliate for other people to help them sell their product or service.  Finally get traffic, in  other words; get live people that need that product or service in a position so that they can have it.

As always please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments section.   We will get back to you as quickly as possible, this site is meant to be a place to get help, support and encouragement.

If you need a good platform to kick off your new adventure into the exciting world of internet marketing click here and get more information.

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