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Welcome to Baby Boomer Affiliate Alliance.  This David Seaysite is designed for those baby boomers that are reaching, or at retirement and realize that they haven’t saved enough money to see them through retirement.  Or maybe after retiring, you feel that you just have to have something to do.  Boredom is creeping up on you.  This site is designed to help you create a home based business that uses the internet and has no stock to carry, no cold calling and independence to do it at your time and convenience.

A Little bit about me!

I am one of the above people.  As I got close to retiring, I looked at my financial situation and relealized that I was not as prepared as I had hoped to be.  And to top it off, I knew that I couldn’t just go to retirement and not have a useful purpose going forward.  I have been in MLM’s and quickly realized that I wasn’t the best at that.  I had some success, but wasn’t fond of cold calling, and constantly hitting up friends and relatives.  So I started selling on Ebay.  I saw that you could make money and sell products, but I had to be the shipping and fulfillment group, the data entry clerk and the CEO.

And that is when I found affiliate marketing.

With affiiliate marketing you do not have to have a physical product, although you can.  You do not have to make cold calls, bother your relatives, however; as they see you doing well they may want in and that is good, nor are you tied to a strict schedule.  The internet works 24/7 for you while sleeping, at dinner with your significant other; or even while vacationing on the beach in the Riveria.   Most importantly, I found a tremendous support group that teaches me, encourages me and even provides a platform that I can use for free.  You may want to invest in your business beyond where you can get without investment.  But that is up to you and your goals.

Why I want to help others improve their golden years.

I want to help as many others create a lifestyle of enjoyment in their retirement years.  As a young person you think of the fun things you are going to do when you retire.  Then as that time arrives, you find that you are strapped just to live the lifestyle you lived before retirement.  Or, for a group of baby boomers, it is just that you are bored and sitting around is not what you want to do with your day.

It saddens me to see people just like me, that have worked hard all their life and now they struggle to make it through the month before that next Social Security check arrives.  My hearts desire is to give as many people as possile the leg up on their future.  So that they can live that life they dreamed of as a young man and woman.

The mission of Baby Boomers Affiliate Alliance is:

The mission of this site is to provide a venue where you can learn how to create your own online business through the use of affiliate sales.  It will be a supportive site and you are free to comment or ask questions.  Most importantly, I will recommend some of the best tools and training to get you up and running as quickly as you are ready to go! New articles will be uploaded on a weekly basis at least.  More often if needed.

All the best,

David C Seay

4 Replies to “About David”

  1. Hi David, I really like the idea of affiliate marketing and I am sure that many other people will like it too.

    Everyone wants to make money while he sleeps.

    I wish you all the best!

    1. Thanks for Stopping by! I like the idea of building an automated system, that produces a steady stream of passive income. I hope to help many people learn to let their money work hard for them. Instead of them working hard for it!

  2. Hello David,

    I’ve found your introduction interesting and definitely many can relate to your story.
    From MLM to eBay to Affiliate marketing – I am sure you’ll see many more heights in life.
    I wish you all the best towards achieving your goals.

    1. Yes there was no instant success for me. Hopefully I have learned from my mistakes and reach my goals, while helping many others reach theirs.

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